Bloody Mondays and Sunsets

Remember my whole idea of selling a bit higher and buying back later and lower after a big drop as I had written here ? What sounds…

Goodmorning Portugal

Heck, I could get used to this again. Having coffee in the sun in the morning stepping out of bed in shorts moving outside as the first…

The Duck and the crypto morning

The mist was still hanging in the air when I stepped outside even though the sun was really trying to push its way through. Late summer…

Weekend rambles | Leave me be in crypto and chocolate

This weekend there is a big demonstration here in Holland called ' Unmute us ' going around in multiple cities to demonstrate against…

El Salvador and Bitcoin

Today is a day that actually will make history in the books of blockchain history. El Salvador will be accepting Bitcoin as a lawful…

Airbnb Stepping In To Help Afghan Refugees

There are over 7 million Airbnb rentals to be found around the world in over 191 countries. You can find Airbnb properties to rent in tens…

HIVE | With great price comes great responsibility

Hoo-ray and there it was. All of a sudden the price of out mutual favorite chain crossed the $1 marker after a gigantic run the last…

The market (and HIVE) is moving!

What a movement over the last couple of days on the blockchain market. If it wasn’t scary, it was exciting and full of sikeyness. If it…

A dogs life

Grinding, grinding, grinding. Writing blogs, leaving meaningful comments everywhere. Gaming our asses off. Trading some HIVE and HBD. It…

Bitcoin: Eye on the prize

I think May 2021 will not be in the same mental books as January 2018 was for most people. January 2018 was really the start of the bear…

Weekend laugh or cry?

It feels a bit like we have picked up the pace in cryptospace again. Tons of movement is happening, and a lot of people are back into…

Splinterlands | The packs are still mucho worth it!

Yesterday we had a season end in Splinterlands and I guess it was the first season entirely after the big SPS start. I really find I can…
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Sudden weather change in markets

It feels sometimes that we forget how dangerous the weather in the mountains can be. One moment I was sitting in the sun, the next moment

The mist of the markets in NFTs

Currently it feels like there is such a discrepancy between and how there are experiencing their wallets and their profits. I am reading a…

Am I happy enough with my SPS to not sell some more cards?

Finally I had a chance to be back at my laptop again after a while to check in on how the sikeyness around the SPS token airdrop in…

The bulls are back..But are YOU bullish?

Bitcoin has been up 22% over the last week in case you have missed it (which is nearly impossible.) The whole sentiment seems to have…

And there she goes on the market...my Selenia Sky

The Splinterlands market is going absolutely bezerk over the last couple of weeks. The upcoming airdrop of the SPS token seems to be…

Rune, what have you done

I know there are a lot of Rune (Thorchain) enthusiastics here as well, and we are all seeing not the best weeks for one of our favorite…

Play 2 Earn | My first Rising Star Wristband

And there it is, my first wristband in the Festival World Tour. Yes, Rising Star has launched yet another feature where the option of…

Splinterlands Beta Cards | It is time to take some profit

So I guess the new updates in Splinterlands have made a big change to the dynamics of the game. With the whole land and plots sale and…