December Statistics (Social Media Earnings in November)

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It's this time of the month!
And it is the .. last month of the year!
So we better make it worth our time.

Today I will share with you my most recent numbers as I am trying to be stable about keeping a monthly report.


In average, my month is -31.06 down since last month.
But that's perfectly normal, because lets not forget that at the moment my main income comes from Hive, and it is significantly down the last month.

The good thing is that i have increased a lot my Hive Power and also my Leo Power (Thankful to the latest LPUD) and due to the low hive price I choose to buy hive with all the hbd I receive.


Total earnings in $ 130,11 (includes hive, publish0c,



There was a big increase to the HP & LP, however the author & curation rewards showed a significant decrease.
I so hope to reach 74 reputation next month
And perhaps to reach 8K HP before the ending of 2022


Thanks to the Dragon I slayed in the last LPUD, I got me now a great LP of 8356 - will I reach 9K before the end of the year? Let's see
The Liquid Leo is significantly less because I ve been missing the bad luck prize from our dear @onealfa but I cant complain because I got myself a little something from the dragon :))


The amounts are still small but they did increase a lot, even thought I only posted half the days. I visit every day though, and I must admit I do not regret it.
(I will make a separate post about it)
If you wish to see the statistic in more analysis, please visit this link

A huge decrease but let's remember that the tips stopped totally the first days of November
So I am at least happy to get the almost 5 $ in BCH

This is it for now, thank you for visiting my post, I will be happy to read your comments below

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Well done on building your HP, 8k is very likely for you before the end of the year.

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Thank you, lets hope so!

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Wow! You have been very active!!
Good for you!


Thank you so much my friend!

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Nice job building. I still think Hive is the best looking at the table and good luck on 8k HP. You only have like 80HP to go so you should reach it without any issues.

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