HiveTorch passed 217 transfers! @cryptomaniacsgr it is your turn!

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I was waiting for this day.
To receive the Hive Torch and to pass it on, making sure it is safely delivered :) For me it is the ultimate form of honor and it deserves to be honored to serve its purpose.


HiveTorch you said? What is that?

Please refer here for all necessary information and instructions

HiveTorch is the movement where an amount of hive is delivered from user to user with the aim to reach 333 transfers.

In the words of @stayoutoftherz

The idea actually came from the Ligthning Torch where Satoshis were sent around (with big media attention!) and in Jan 2020 the Bitcoin Lightning Torch 2.0 was started.

Now we have a new, even more enthusiastic community here on Hive. Why not repeat the exercise and start a fresh HIVETORCH!

I am sure we can do better than Steem and Bitcoin. Let´s target 333 transfers!

The surprise

So imagine my surprise when this morning I saw my notifications and a message by my good friend @anggreklestari


I was so happy to receive this information! I have known @anggreklestari for some time and she is one of the most wonderful persons I ever meet. We kind-of met face to face at the @hivefest and I am sure that sometime in the future we will meet! We have shared happy moments, we have shared agonies and I admire her passion for content creation.

She is also very talented in whatever she does, setting a role model. If you don't follow her, make sure you do > @anggreklestari :)

How is the hivetorch visible?

Go to your wallet and you shall see the transaction ;)

The thoughts.... The doubts... Now what?

Now, what do I do?
Who do I trust with the Torch?
It is not a problem of who, because I cannot think of someone.
It is a problem of WHO OF THEM ALL?

Believe it or not, there are many persons in the blockchain that I would trust with the torch! I thought of many friends on hive but then I came down to our little Greek community.

We started as many, but only few are left at the moment. Some of them are also coming back ;))
Still, there are some extra plans for adding more people (working on it) and I am thankful for all the support I have so far received.

So who is it?

Say hi to ... @cryptomaniacsgr !

I still remember the first time I saw his posts, back in March 2018! He was eager to learn and was always asking questions, right from the start.
When some of us gave him some advise, he accepted and applied it immediately!
He brought some of his good friends with him and he is now shining as a LeoFinance LION - sharing his knowledge (plus he is another reason I came to @leofinance)

Message to my friend


So with this Torch, I would like to ask my friend.

Please Tell us one thing that you find very valuable about the hive blockchain (apart from the rewards).

I am copying the rules but please check the below post for further info

The rules

  1. If you got passed the Hivetorch to you, increase the amount by 1, leave it as it is, or add anything between 0 and 1. It is up to you. Don´t reduce the amount and don´t add more than 1 Hive - it is not about collecting money.
  2. Send the Hives as soon as possible to someone who is active on Hive and whom you trust that he/she will follow the rules and forward the torch to the next one.
  3. In the transfer, use this Memo
    "Hivetorch - Count x - please read the rules at" whereby you increase the count no. by 1 (so if you got the memo with count "23" then put "24" in your memo).
  4. Choose as the next Hivetorch keeper preferably someone who has not yet been selected and inform him/her about the transfer, so that the torch is kept in motion.
  5. You are highly encouraged to create a post about the Hivetorch e.g. on using the picture above or any other picture (the picture must contain both a torch and the Hive logo) and the tag #hivetorch. Please post it in the Hivetorch community.
  6. After 333 transfers I will create a poll to let the community decide what to do next (continue, give the sum to a Hive-related project, distribute to minnows, burn it, etc.)

LINK for info & instructions

Your thoughts?

How could it create more value and more buzz online?
Could we share with it some info about the transaction time / the non-existing fees? The trust of the users?

Let's make some suggestions and let the torch on an eternal fire burning : )

Image made by @dmilliz in this post

Thank you for visiting!

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

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