How to install MetaMask for Brave Browser & Transact with Test Funds [Tutorial]

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We have all been new in crypto at first. Back then, I remember I used to search and search sometimes a lot until I could find what I was looking for. That is why I decided to always Do My Own Research for EVERYTHING and when possible to do tests with smaller amounts always before performing bigger transactions. So far, this has saved me.

Before we move on, a couple of information. Always check the URL that you are using. Do not fall for messages that may be received to your mobile phone or email address - even if it seems like the sender is a platform you use - dont click on the link they send you, always check where you enter from.

This post is mostly for new users, who wish to start with downloading a non custodial2 wallet like MetaMask

I hope it will be useful to you! Remember to ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

-1- Downloading and setting up MetaMask for Brave Browser
-2- Using a Goerli Faucet and moving funds
-3- checking the TX details via Etherscan / change networks
-4- Using to add networks

Part 1: How to Install MetaMask to Brave Browser

  1. Visiting

(We always need to make sure that the website we visit is legit and not a fake and potentially malicious website)

  1. Clicking the link to Brave Browser

Again, we need to verify that we use the correct link before we click on Add to Brave

  1. Setting Up Metamask

  1. Import a wallet or create a new one

  1. Create a password

After we choose our password, we will need to secure our wallet with a seed phrase:

Watch the video in the website and check out the instructions:

What is a Secret Recovery Phrase?
Your Secret Recovery Phrase is a 12-word phrase that is the “master key” to your wallet and your funds
How do I save my Secret Recovery Phrase?
Save in a password manager
Store in a bank vault
Store in a safe deposit box
Write down and store in multiple secret places
Should I share my Secret Recovery Phrase?
Never, ever share your Secret Recovery Phrase, not even with MetaMask!
If someone asks for your recovery phrase they are likely trying to scam you and steal your wallet funds.

  1. Make sure you NOTE DOWN and SAFELY SAVE the secret recovery phrase

  1. You will be asked to confirm your secret password at the next step. Did you write it down?

  1. Congratulations! Let's click All done

  1. Our account

This is how our account looks like (still empty of course :())

Part 2: Moving TEST token to perform transactions

What is a faucet?1

Copy your ETH address (under 'Account1' and paste it to the faucet)
After you click 'I am human' you will asked to confirm that you are : )

Upon successful completion you will see:

You will need to mine at least 0.01 GETH to collect it

You will be able to claim, when you see this message:


Part 3 - Seeing the TX in Etherscan


TX has: 0xd3124fce5280352e3ca88ec62b0dd729db9197af143e0cd64ba4f072b83bf930

Successful status

Don't you see the Test ETH to your account?

That's normal!
You will need to go to settings > advanced > show test networks (ON)

Then by selecting Goerli Network you get to see and interract with your test funds

Part 4.

Chainlist is a list of EVM networks. Users can use the information to connect their wallets and Web3 middleware providers to the appropriate Chain ID and Network ID to connect to the correct chain.

You can connect your wallet and then you ll be able to connect any network by clicking 'add to MetaMask'

You can approve the transaction and allow the network to switch

Thank you for visiting

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What is a PoW Faucet?
This is a Ethereum Faucet running on the Goerli Testnet.
To prevent malicious actors from exhausting all available funds or accumulating enough Ether to mount long running spam attacks, this faucet requires some mining work to be done in exchange for free testnet funds.
How does this work?
Just enter your ETH Address and start mining. When you've collected enough ETH, stop mining and claim your rewards.
How to help the faucet?
Replenish the faucet by sending funds you don't need anymore to:

(2) What are the differences between custodial/non custodial wallets\

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