If you are new on LeoFinance, you got to read this!

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New Lion in a brand new den .. Now what?

There is sure one or more reasons that motivated you to create a Leo account and I believe that you will soon realize how powerful that makes you! (Read on, trust me)

So you are here, in a brand new interface that probably looks nothing like the other social media platforms where you interacted. You see posts making dozens of dollars and you may be wondering what do do next and how you will be able to compete with those / reach them / succeed!

Well, let me tell you some secrets and share my philosophy. Read on to know that have helped me in the past 3 years, where I daily blog on steem (initially) / hive (since its creation) / leofinance (since my revelation, thanks to my friends @trumpman, @cryptomaniacsgr, @steliosfan)



You need to clarify and think about your expectations from the platform. Why did you join? What do you expect from the platform?

When I joined (steem back then) my expectations were simple, to learn as much as I could about the blockchain world, right from the information source!

When I joined leofinance, I wanted to connect with like minded people, entrepreneurs and people who know the crypto space very well! I wanted to learn, I wanted to be able to interact with them and also share my views, my findings, my opinions! All this knowledge coming with an extra bonus :) Some cryptocurrency :)))


LeoFinance is a community where most of us interact with each other on a daily basis. Even if we have not met, we know the person that we comment on their posts. Usually we know some info such as country, interests, favorite coins, expertise etc etc .. so we are not just talking with avatars. We are talking to real people. Because we don't just comment 'to comment'. We comment to ask, to learn, to share.

You are now officially a part of leofinance community! Welcome and enjoy!

Are you a real person? Prove it (Introduction post)

You may start writing to other people's posts, and most likely they will move over to your profile to see who you are. Don't you also do it?

What will people see when they visit your profile?

Make sure you fill in a short bio/description, a website (it could be one of your social media links), a profile picture and of course ... at least a first post!

You need to take some time and think what you would like to share as your first post. Somethings about yourself, about why you joined leofinance, about your plans, your interests .. and anything you feel that you would like to share. It is not necessary to use a photo of yourself or your first/last name or your address! But we need to know that you are a real person :)

Check out some of the trending posts or some of the newest introduction posts

And then what?

Then, I suggest that you just .. enjoy the ride :) Read content you like, comment, think of what to post and create! We love to see fresh content by new lions! Share what you like to do, your investment options, your crypto experiences, news that have surprised you and would like to let us know about, rewarding games that you enjoy playing and so on.. The list is infinite ...

Enjoy the ride, sit tight because we are ready to take off!


Some general rules to follow

(These apply to all social media platforms ;))

I hope that this post will be helpful ;) Please comment below if you have any extra questions!

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

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