MicroBlogging & Threads are Alive on LeoFinance! Make sure to check them out!

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LeoFinance is an online community centered around the topics of finance and crypto. But from now, it is more than that!

Micro blogging is now active on leofinance.io and it seems that the users love it!

Let's learn more about it!


What are leothreads?

They are twitter-like posts, that have a character limit and are posted on https://leofinance.io/threads

Who can post a leothread?

Anyone with a hive account! Make sure to visit https://leofinance.io/threads to start posting or to check out the content!

How do I start?

Simply go to the threads page, you will need to be signed in (you can use keychain) and click on the 'thread' yellow button!



How many characters can each post have?

240 characters

Posting a picture or a link will cause extra characters, so be cautious.

Do these comments appear on my blog?

No, these are second layer posts and appear as comments.

I would suggest that you go to your settings and change (if you have not already) the % upvote to the comments


Can I really post about anything I wish?????

That was my query too!
But reading the official post (link at the end of this post), got my questions asked.

Use LeoThreads as you would use Twitter. There are some obvious things that you shouldn't post on LeoThreads and the LeoFinance Community/Curators have the ability to remove malicious actors. Outside of that, if you want to post pictures of cats, have at it.

LeoFinance will always skew toward crypto and finance talk but unlike top-level posts, we don't care what you post on Threads. Post anything and everything.

Use LeoThreads like Twitter! Share your Hive articles to get them more exposure, send out messages and tag other Hive users so they jump in and respond. Have conversations. Share random thoughts about the market.

Click on a hashtag to see all the relevant threads


Bonus! Make sure you do not miss this contest by @leogrowth!


Don't miss the #followfriday threads :)



Thanks so much @idiosyncratic1 ~~!

What if I find malicious content that needs to be downvoted?

Click on the three dots to downvote


If you click on the little arrow, you can copy the link and/or share it any other medium you wish!


Tip for ThreadStorms by @anomadsoul



Little, too little issues :) for the Team's eyes

  • Pls put a + or a pencil on the 'Thread' to make it an apparent action button
  • When on dark mode the number of characters does not appear clearly
  • Would be nice to apply a link shortnerer when someone posts a link (this is what twitter or linked in do..)
  • I could not find if I can post threads on the leo app .. maybe I dont see it or is not ready yet?
  • Maybe we can filter those notifications to come to a different place?

Thank you for visiting!
I hope that this post is useful to you!

Official Post on LeoFinance

A super post by @anomadsoul here

Check out also the LeoFinance Discord: https://discord.gg/9QYUgmz

P.s. I have not yet seen @trumpman on any thread. Is he on holiday?

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Threads is just 24hours and is already making impact, many people already promoting their blog through it, engagement is grow there. Threads is a beast on it own

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I think the threads are going to get messy and I understand that it's all combined with the current notifications. I don't think they can filter except for on the threads page itself.

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