How To Finance A Business || My Personal Review

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Finance itself is a good field compared to other fields, Finance is famously high paying industry know to pay six or seven figures in salaries and bonuses for those at the top...

For instance;


It’s specifically assesses the government revenue and expenditure of the public authority... in this case one has to have a very solid interpersonal skills cause I believe you will need to present your findings and a great ideas that will help to grow the organization, to me I don’t think the acquaintance will benefit from this cause the only benefit he or she will get is to be paid for his or her ideas.. the organization is the one getting the praise and earning a lot of income

I know in most cases like this.. lack of funds is the basis issue,cause without money to build up your ideas it’s will just be rendered useless
These ideas will only be useful if he or she has to sell to the opponent who has a lot of fund to build and better it
Or probably they should make use of it themselves but this goes a long way


Basically these deals with an individual who saves or budgets and spend it on something invaluable especially those that brings a lot of income

In this case this is where your ideas are to be used although the acquaintance might not have a enough of funds but he or she can actually start from a petty business

For example......

I will suggest a pos business(point of sale) here in Africa it a really paying business, and you can start with any amount of money you have at hand

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But it’s more profitable if there’s actually a lot of fund being invest in it
You can actually go into it by having other branches apart from one you started off with
Also location is very important, it’s should be done in a very crowded area

Perhaps you can actually go into Food Business

This is where you see a lot of profit,what makes it more profitable
It’s actually about how the interior design are.. the environment,how nice and inviting it is.. no matter how expensive the food and drinks are with the kind of environment it is being served people will love to eat at such a restaurant

You can also start up a food business with a lil fund, before you know it

You will found yourself growing

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