RE: Everyone needs to know JavaScript

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IMHO, you should start with "What do I want to build?"

Knowing what you want to do with a language provides the motivation to research which ones can do it, and to learn that language.

Some languages like C are super general and can do anything you want, but are harder to learn. Some, like Python, are easier to learn and can do many things, some things more easily than others. And some, like Javascript, are focused on certain kinds of tasks, which in the case of Javascript is mainly apps displayed in a web browser.

Also, having something you want to build in mind helps the learning stick, otherwise you'll just be going through a bunch of tutorials and forgetting what you did because it has no real meaning to you.

I'd skip the logic class. Might be interesting but not necessary at all to start coding.

If there's nothing in particular you want to build, you might want to just play with something like Sonic Pi. Code music while learning general concepts like variables and loops that are used in pretty much all programming languages.

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