The moment I saw 1 Dreem Token valued at $7.5 in Hive Engine.... My 2021 Hive Highlight

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2021 is slowly coming to an end. It wasn't the best it could have been, but I don't have many complaints. There is always room to achieve more and to hit more goals as we step into a new year. The best part of the whole thing is that I'm alive and thriving!

I can't wait, but I'm patiently waiting like a duteous angel. Waiting for 2022 to grace us with its presence.

But before that, I will have to celebrate my 1st year of existence on Hive. That would be on 31st December 2021. Hehe. I joined on 31st December 2020. Do the maths.

Now, let's get to today's talking point.

This is an entry to the 2021 Hive Highlight Contest organised by @guiltyparties and I'm doing it at the 11th hour. It would be nice for @marito74 to also get involved if time permits. Hehe

Shall We?

Being new to writing and Crypto as a whole, getting into Hive was only possible because of the information I got from @dreemsteem. It's a privileged info which I got as a member of her team of Dreemers. Hehe. I signed up, and within a year, I have been able to experience a lot of crazy things on the chain.

Talk about Hive Engine magic, PYPT, bull-runs, bearish era, heavy votes, winning of contests(which I rarely participate in) and whatnot. In addition to the effect of glitches on wallets.

I've experienced a lot within my first year on here and I know that more are on the way.

The 2021 highlight for me is the week(s) Dreem token messed with our mind in Hive Engine. Hehe.


That was on 19th September 2021. 1 Dreem token appeared to be valued at $7.4

The token was barely a month old at the time, but no value was attached to it because of the normal cryptonomics of buy/sell.

I'm an integral part of the project and I always like to see the progress of the project across all segments. When I woke up on 19th September, I was led by my inner self to check Hive Engine and to my greatest surprise, the juicy value of Dreem token was smiling back at me.


An estimate of 1000 Dreem tokens was resulting to that value. Lol. That was 6X bigger than all my Crypto assets at the time so, you can only imagine how inflated I felt. I roughly did the conversion to my local currency and it was resulting to #4,000,000.

Someone just became a Billionaire. Haha. Wowww.

Thankfully, I didn't jump off in excitement. I already knew my onion about Hive Engine and I've seen some glitches from Trust Wallet before joining Hive so, after relaxing my mind, I decided to double-check.


Wait for it...

The outcome of my check didn't seem sweet to me. It was a sore result, but I'm glad that I did because I spent the next 3-5 days explaining the magic to some Dreemers that came to show off their new wealth 😂. Lol.

This particular one was from @mrenglish. He was one of the many that saw what I saw and his excitement was cut short when I dropped this explanation;

"It's not a glitch. This time around, it's fluctuating in that direction because of the SELL ORDER placed by someone.

The person wanted to sell 1 Dreem for 10 Hive which is approximately $7.5. That order pushed up DREEM price to what it is at the moment.

The issue is, who will buy his Dreem for that amount? Of course, someone can jokingly go for it, but for now, it's not happening so, what you see in your wallet is not the real market value".
{Copied from my Dreemport based discord}

If I'm not mistaken, I'm sure that I sent this same message to 14 more people 😂. I was a killjoy. Lol. I'm sure many of them called me a nutcase 😂.

After each Spammy explanation, I usually end it with a screenshot

to crown my killjoy of an explanation. Hehe.

That whole week is one to remember because whenever I trace back all the reactions I got from people in my DM and open chatrooms, the excitement is beyond explanation. Everyone had a raw and unprintable emotion running through their texts. Haha.

Joking apart, I'm sure that God will do it for us. Dreem token and the whole project as a whole will reach new heights. Same goes for Hive, HBD, etc etc.

I said it.

God sealed it.

Thanks For Not Missing Any Full-stop Or Comma
The Enddddddddd

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oh my gosh - hahahahahahaha yes - i know.

and I didn't like when it went up that high FOR THAT REASON. lol Because there were so many people who wouldn't know and understand that simply ONE order for a tiny amount at that ratio can fluctuate the market so much hehehehe

and yep - i didn't want to have to be that killjoy - sorry that you had to be LOLOLOL

but - we will wait and see what happens in time right? hehehe

Let's just enjoy the journey hehehehe


Yeah... That first start was tricky, but it was also a dreemie view of how things can be on the long run. It's just a matter of time.

Good news is, we are really not doing bad at all. The token is worth something tangible.

For now, all focus is on the project itself and it's core values. Tokenomics will come into play afterwards. Hehe

Congratulations to DreemPort.


the token is worth more than the you-know-what token was at the very end when everyone was sell sell selling LOLOL

THAT is funny LOL

how is that for perspective hahahahahahaha


Hahahah... I had that in mine while replying many Comments on the post. Lol.

Thinking back, we were all happy for the ATH and many were selling as if that's the best they could get from that token. Heheh. Well, can't blame anyone now. That was absolutely the BEST the token could offer despite all the hype and publicity and co and co and more co 😂

But here we are... Doing well without marketing or doing much tokenwise. Heheh



that's kinda cool....
their absolute best is only our launching point :)

We had a few unrealistic dips from people selling and not knowing what they were doing (selling at 0.001 when there were 0.015 offers on the table hehe)
but those were just mistakes...

and we had the high - that was fun... but not realistic.

but now? the market seems to have found its place where it's happy...

and think about it... blurt is very close to us too.
and they have been around for 2 years?

and I think we will go higher and higher this year :)

i'm happy - very content hehehehehe


Hahaha... It's a good start. A better start, I must say. Considering the fact that there are many projects out there.

We can always propel ours and do the needful while we use it to reach out and change people from Dreamers to Dreemers.

The difference is obviously the e/a, but when they get into the letters and spirit of the word, they will truly BELIEVE that the impossible can be possible. Hehe.

Changing people from doubters to Believers isn't going to be an easy job. But, we will give it our best shot. With God by our side


Lol it's a dream if someone would buy it. Even AFIT tokens are sold very low. Oh well.


Yeah... It's like that for many Hive Engine tokens.

People will get to buy in a while depending on how promising a project is. Hehe.

Time will tell.


Ahahaha. It was a crazy feeling I must say. Getting into hive engine that beautiful morning in September and seeing that our beloved #DreemToken have skyrocketed in price, I was looking everywhere for explanations. Fiat money was the first place of reckon that grabbed my attention.

An imaginary millionaire, I thought.

This is worth the highlight I must say.


Yeah... That's exactly what I did.

I did the maths and I saw how big it was in Naira. Hahaha. What a world.

Crypto does crazy things and it's just a matter of time, we will all get to that stage. Hehe.

Merry Christmas to you Bro.
May we all have many exciting highlight for the year Ahead.


Greater things are in store if we keep hope alive.

How did your Christmas go?


Or course Bro... Greater things are on the way for us.

The Christmas celebration is going well and smoothly.

Very soon, new struggles will begin. Let's all hope for a fruitful 2022

1 yr

🤣🤣🤣, I can only imagine their faces when you broke the news to them. I'm sure I hadn't heard of dreemport when it happened because I would have been tripping if I had.

Wow, so you've only been on hive for a year, you look like a four year old, lol


Lol... Brother. No be small thing oooo.

That week was really funny. Firstly, I had to calm myself down after realizing that what I'm seeing is not the real value at the time. Hehe. After that, I got ready to answer people's questions and it was a very funny encounter from one DM to another 😂😂


Haa, I was glad and dancing for joy when I saw your topic. We will get soon anyways. We just have to keep working hard to earn more of it. Dreemport us going places and soon it's token will worth far more that it is already. Started well and doing well


Yeah... "Started well and doing well already". What more can we ask for?

Honestly, the token isn't doing bad and that is a good one for us. We can all continue doing what we do best and prepare to get more involved with DreemPort's affairs.

Things will be okay. Hehe


Dreemport deserves our all. We need to keep spreading the word and continue to bring fresh eyes to great contents. 💕


Lol, This feeling reminds of my trust wallet glitch saga.

Joking apart, I'm sure that God will do it for us. Dreem token and the whole project as a whole will reach new heights. Same goes for Hive, HBD, etc etc

Yeah. Keeping home alive.


Lol... Trust Wallet is the baba of glitches.

In fact, what they display is always different from the real Market Value. Haha