How To Improve Your Meditation As An Entrepreneur

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Good day everyone! I'm beginning a new series, which will be very interesting, informative and educative, titled, How To Improve Your Meditation As An Entrepreneur. My previous series was quite interesting and I appreciate the love shown towards it, I hope it will continue with this series. I know some of you might have started to practice Yoga, maybe because of my previous series - Why Is Yoga Very Essential For Entrepreneurs?(Check it out if you haven't, it will be worth your time). One of the simplest form of Yoga and the most common form of Yoga among businessmen and entrepreneurs is Meditation. Entrepreneurs and Businessmen are stressed up and under such pressure most of the times, hence, to be able to think and solve problems becomes very hard, thus, the need for meditation, as it helps gives us mental relaxation and better concentration. So I'm here to get you started with the basics ways you can improve your meditation. In this article, I will be dropping one solid way on how you can be able to improve your meditation as an entrepreneur or businessman.

Just a brief definition of Meditation for those of us who may not totally understand the term Meditation. Meditation is a form of Yoga which is about concentration and mental relaxation. You achieve this by focusing on your thoughts and breathes.


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Stopping Random Thoughts

This is one of the most useful way in improving your meditation. Understanding how to stop random thoughts will help you a lot in meditating. Now, the funny reality about this, is that, we can't just overnight stop having random thoughts when meditating, no matter your level of concentration. For you to be able to stop having random thoughts, you need to have spent much time practicing meditation and I guess most of you haven't given meditation so much time. This is the reason why many people stop meditation, because they just can't stop having those random thoughts. They feel angered and frustrated that they let themselves fall in that trap over and over again. The more frustrated and eager you are to stopping random thoughts when meditating, the more you get those random thoughts.


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The secret to stopping random thoughts, is accepting those random thoughts. Yeah, sounds funny, right? But it is the simple solution. When you can't fight it, you flow with it, right? The idea is to accept those random thoughts when meditating, and try and deal with them. When you are done dealing with them, you will be able to focus more on what you were trying to meditate on. Is like trying to concentrate when a hungry baby is crying. You won't be able, because the baby with continue crying and disturbing you. But when you breast feed the baby, the baby will be happy and let you be. But if you get angry and shout at the baby instead of simply feeding the baby, the baby will make more disturbances. So is meditation, if you get angry and frustrated about the random thoughts, the more you will get those random thoughts. But if you accept them and deal with them, you will then be able to meditate on what you really want to meditate on. Hence, the main secret about stopping random thoughts, is accepting those random thoughts when meditating.


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I hope you found this article quite interesting, educative and informative, if so, do well to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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