Important Issues To Discuss Before Marriage As A Businessman

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Good day everyone! I'm beginning a new series, which will be very interesting, informative and educative, titled, Important Issues To Discuss Before Marriage As A Businessman. Sorry guys, I have been silent for over 12 days, no new article. I have been down, health wise. Doctors are suspecting acute malaria or Covid-19. I just took the malaria medication and I'm feeling alright and better. I have missed writing badly, so what better way to use the little strength I have gotten from the medication. A weird intro right, my apologizes, I just want to bring you guys up to date with latest happenings about me.

Back to the topic up for discussion. Marriage is a very important aspect of our life that we all must go through(maybe not everyone). A good marriage without issues makes a businessman more productive and efficient because he is always happy and in good mood to do his work or business. But a marriage with issues and drama, will make a man depressed, unproductive and inefficient because he is always sad and thinking, hence, his work or business will suffer. I am here to share with you all, some important issues you have to discuss with your partner before marriage, so as to have a good marriage. In this article, I will be dropping one solid important issue that must be discussed before marriage.


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This is one of the most important issue to discuss before marriage. Sex is very important if you want to have a good and happy marriage. Some of you may say, nah, sex is not that important. Go 3 months without sex, how would you feel? Moody, angry at everything, quick to temper and so on. This is to show you just how important sex is to our proper functioning and coordination. Regular sex is highly recommended by doctors, as it has so many health benefits. Imagine a sexually active guy or lady marrying a sexually inactive guy or lady. How do you expect such marriage to last or to be happy? He wants sex this night, she doesn't feel like sex. He will be angry and miserable the next day. The thoughts of cheating will starting crossing his mind, and once he does that, the marriage is like, almost done already. He will start living two life, and that will start affecting his work or business negatively. You need to have a talk with your partner before marriage, sit them down and talk to them. I will like to having sex like 3 or 4 times every week, I will like us to try this style, you have not been giving me enough pleasure. Discuss about it openly, no need to be shy to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Many people fail to do this, and end up having a bad divorce that will affect them negatively. They may be so broken, they will lose their jobs or their business will just crash.


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The need to talk about your sexually expectations before marriage is very crucial to the happiness of the marriage. When you are giving your partner great pleasure on the bed, you will earn better respect and your partner will have more tendency to be faithful to you. To pleasure a woman is a huge misery because different ladies like different things. You might be hearing fake moans and orgasm, because they want you to feel satisfied, but they are not satisfied. That is why talking to them about sex is very important. Some girls like hard sex, some like tender sex, some like deep sex, some like swallow sex and the list goes on and on. So you need to understand your partner completely and make her feel real pleasure. When you know your woman is satisfied, you feel satisfied and happy. A happy marriage makes a man happy and ready for work or business.


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I hope you found this article quite interesting, educative and informative, if so, do well to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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