Important Tips On How To Be Successful In Your Career - Final Part

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Good day everyone! This is the Final Part of this interesting, informative and educative series, titled, Important Tips On How To Be Successful In Your Career. If you have not read the Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4, I advice you to read them before going on with this article, by clicking here for Part 1, here for Part 2, here for Part 3 and here for Part 4. Success is your ability to learn fast from other people life experience. People who have studied and learn from many people through reading and listening, and usually so vast with knowledge, that success becomes so inevitable in their career field. You need to desire success and have the ambition of becoming successful before you can get success. Burna Boy, a Nigerian musician, who recently won the Best Global Album of Year in the just concluded Grammy Awards. That's a massive award for a Nigerian to get and big one for Burna Boy, but we always knew he was going to win a Grammy sooner or later, why? He has always been talking about it, even when he was just an up and coming musician, over 8 years ago. He had the desire and ambition to achieve success and he did. Your desire and ambition, should always be backed with hardwork, determination and focus for you to achieve it.

In today's article, I will be sharing with you guys a very important tip that will guarantee success if you will be able to practice and follow through with it. Do well to enjoy the read!!! 🙂.


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Hunger/Desire To Win

This is the most important tip to know and follow whole heartedly, if you want achieve success in your career. It is so straightforward but many of us fail to see it. If you want to truly achieve success in your career, you will need to have the hunger to win and take up on any positive opportunities that come your way. A successful person in a career, is someone who is very ambitious and not easily settled at success, because after just achieving one success, he is already seeing yet another opportunity he will want to achieve. Having this unquenchable hunger or desire to win, will only shoot you to bigger success.


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Take a look at Mark Zuckerberg life story. He wanted to able to communicate with his friend who is always at the other side of the house. Standing up, to reach out for his friend became annoying to Mark. So he created an application that could send and receive message. Most people will stop there because they have achieved their goal. But he kept on thinking of how he can monetize it. He improved on the application and it was marketed to us as Facebook. Many people would have stopped there, because as at that time, he(Mark) was already a billionaire in dollars. But his hunger to win and seize every opportunities was great, so he did purchased Instagram and after somewhile, he purchased WhatsApp. This is just a simple example of a man, who has an unquenchable hunger or desire to win. If you start today, to develop the habit of always winning every situation, success will be choice, it will be only the matter of time.


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I hope you found this article quite interesting, educative and informative, if so, do well to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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