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The admin recently announced changes due to abusers on this site. Most of the abusers on this site are from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. They are spammers and create multiple accounts. They are easy to identify because of their names and how they communicate with people. These types of people are annoying, so most like me report and block them, so, I will never see their nonsense comment again.

The admin said, that three months ago they have launched, and it was obvious even at that point that there will be some amount of spam/low-quality posts. But people exceeded their expectations. According to their internal rating, 96% of posts can classify as "spammy" / "low quality". They are hoping it would be like 20%. They point out how hard should it be to write something original about your life and your thoughts?

Admin said, 96% are trashy posts produced by "bio-robots" (people "working" hard moving their fingers between Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, posting stuff from the Internet, random unrelated responses, etc...), some actual robots too.

For me, it is it's unacceptable, what more in the admin of With that, they announce that they will soon stop giving FreeTips to "low quality" content authors.

This is what they define as "Low Quality"?

  • All kinds of giveaways (if like to give away money, sure, but give your own)
  • Subscription/tip exchanges
  • Replies like "done", "wow", "nice", "great", "thank you for the information"
  • Image posts with a smiley,
  • Image posts with a short phrase "London" or "Tree" (or slightly longer "A woman standing near a tree")
  • Quotes
  • Anything that has been copied from the Internet,
  • "Good evening", "hello" posts and replies,
  • "Time for a dinner", "here is my dinner", "I just ate dinner", "did you eat your dinner?", "What did you eat for dinner?"
  • "My click" (random photo that you took with a phone without anything interesting about it, like a story or something)
  • "Thank you XX for tipping me"

... and more ... generally, ANYTHING that doesn't require brain effort to be created is "low quality" (or "low effort"). We will see soon the "Eligible", "Eligible (not reviewed yet)", "Eligible (low quality, at risk)", "Not eligible" or "Not reviewed yet" in our FreeTips dropdown.

"Not reviewed yet" means that our account in is new and they haven't yet decided whether to sponsor us with FreeTips or not. (This is done to prevent people abandoning old accounts and creating tons of new accounts - all new accounts will now go through the process of review).

"Eligible" means that they have reviewed your content and find it satisfactory, good or excellent - you will get FreeTips from

"Eligible (not reviewed yet)" is a special status for older accounts that have been receiving FreeTips, but they said, they haven't reviewed them yet. It will change to another status once they review your account.

"Eligible (low quality, at risk)" means that you will receive FreeTips, but only until we find someone who creates better content.

"Not eligible" means what it means - they have reviewed your account, they don't want to sponsor your content.

We will also see the date of the last review. review accounts constantly and the fact that you are "Not eligible" might change if you start creating better content.

The High Light of ALL

There is one more thing that will probably stop sponsoring in the future - that is the promotion of competing sites (Leo, Hive, Peakd, Steem, etc...) and competing cryptocurrencies (i.e. anything except for Bitcoin Cash). Why? Well, the goal of is Bitcoin Cash adoption and that's what they want to sponsor. They don't want to sponsor the promotion of competing sites that promote their own cryptos or other cryptos. You are still free to talk about them, of course, they just don't see why they should sponsor it with FreeTips.

What makes Content "GOOD"?

Good content is something original, something that you thought of, something that makes people think, something you won't find on the Internet. Real interactions with people, where you add something to the conversation, not just "Good day" or "Thanks!"

It doesn't have to be scientific breakthroughs. wants to tell about your life, what's going on? They used to love reading people stories about how they work on farms, how their cities look, how their life goes on. That's interesting too. As opposed to reading that "Honesty is the best policy" for the millionth time.

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I saw post on twitter shared by acidiyo. I think spamming is everywhere, every corner of the internet. Let's take youtube, you see tonnes of spam comments from bots as soon as the video dropped. Even in so many other websites get spam comments, these people want back links for their website.

You mentioned about quotes " hive has micro blogging dapps and communities " like dbuzz, people do share quotes, photos with single sentence" community motto it self means to be buzzing in some sentences.

You mentioned some countries in this post, I kinda agree but it looks bit targeted by saying you can identity em with their names simply. I'm from India, I don't simply drop like "great post", I love to engage in posts.

I saw people from other countries spamming too, so let's not talk about there nationalities. It's just my opinion.

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No problem buddy, I'm not saying all India's or Bangladesh... Im just want to be honest and straight forward. Not all people are like you, that can understand and smart. We did some protest at about this spammers.


I understand but I'm saying we can't eliminate spammers no matter what, there is always someone new will be a spammer. Better we just need to avoid them.


We don't need to avoid them, we just need to teach them the proper way of use. If they don't want to listen, well block or report, to teach them a lesson. If you are in right now, you will understand what I am saying. ^_^

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Yeah, you can do that but spammers are indefinite though.


HIVE is 5 years ahead of

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Yup! What I mean is, they will allow to post other sites or crypto but you will not get any votes or tips from them except from your own savings to share. 😁

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It's a amazing how you suddenly gave a flying fuck about how spam becomes a thing when you can't be bothered to take on the abuse posts within your level. Here's a thought, talk like you mean the flying fuck that's being said. Reporting spam, mute, and all that crap, never saw you be bothered with the spam here on Hive or Steem.