Dumping Physical Stuff, Buying the Dip, Enjoying the Weather, Focusing on Splinterlands, and ONLY Using Blockchain Social Media

I haven't been posting daily videos from this account with such consistency lately, as I've bee

SimpleSwap.io - Swap between hundreds of cryptos, with no accounts, KYC, or custodial wallets

I can't tell you how many times a week someone asks me how I would swap between this crypto and

Did y'all know that one guy has 10k Splinterlands bots running?

*Sorry for the cut-off at the end; I was about wrapped up anyway. I don't know if it's ever

What Happened to Splintertalk? My #1 Recommendation for the Splinterlands Team

So, you may have noticed that splintertalk.io h

HIVE is up and SPS is down... So I bought 6300 more!

Well, the market has been tripping

El Salvador & McDonald's on the Bitcoin Train... So the Market Crashed 10% Last Night... Except for...

So... El Salvador's first day of Bitcoin being legal tender was yest

Tired of spending TONS on transaction fees AND waiting for confirmations? Why aren't you using Hive instead?

Did you know that on blockchains like BTC & ETH, the miners are not only recie

πŸ“€ I Became a DEC Millionaire This Morning! πŸ“€ 4999 Followers! πŸ“€ And More! πŸ“€

Well, it has been an exciting week, since I got healthy again :-) I'

🏁 I just hit DIAMOND for the first time! 🏁 Here's some highlight battles from my climb! 🏁

I've made a run at DIAMOND a the last two ranked seasons... but I haven't been willing to grind it out after getting some epic win…

Splinterlands Analytics - Maximizing SPS Airdrop Per $$ Spent on Splinterlands Assets!


The Crypto Market is Starting to Move... Are You Positioned & Ready?

Bitcoin has been playing with this $50k level of resistance for a few weeks no

Want to EARN CRYPTO by playing a card game like Magic or Hearthstone?

But "How?" You Ask... It's Simple -> Splinterlands [Splin

Daily Pack Opening & Giveaway, Ep. 6 - 3x DICE Packs! 500 Hive AND 500 HSBI Art Contest!! Who Won the Lorna Shine?!


Brawls v2.0 Dropping! Some Great Battles from Today! AND last chance at LORNA SHINE giveaway!

So, if you follow the official @Splinterlands account, then you've already seen [today's announcement](

Daily Pack Opening & Giveaway, Ep. 5 - 2x DICE & 1 UNTAMED Opening! Lorna Shine up for grabs! Winner of the Elvish Mystic!


So... I went on a little bit of a shopping spree today... [Photos Inside] (Plus: Why GOLD FOILS?)

Well, I certainly wish I had done it a week or two ago when I could have gotten the level 4 Valnamor for the same price... but I finally…

Why I'm more BULLISH on Splinterlands than just about anything else in Crypto RIGHT NOW!

It's pretty simple really... I see @Splinterlands as being closer akin to

Claiming & Staking Your Splintershards (SPS) Airdrop Rewards!

If you've already got any @Splinterlands assets in your account, then you're earning an

It's Been a Week of Millions! First LBRY, Then Splinterlands! (Plus Something Big Coming Today)

Hello there beautiful humans! First, LBRY cleared [one million users, AND one million blocks](

The Bull Run is Back On Folks! (and Maybe USDT is about to Burn!)

Blessed day beautiful humans! As of this typing, Bitcoin is over $39k - up about 20% yesterday