Let's Talk About Privacy... Let's Talk About ARRR!

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Alright folks, how many of you are familiar with Pirate Chain? Also known by it's ticker: ARRR

This is a project that was started in 2018, by members of the Komodo community, seeking to create the ultimate privacy coin. ARRR mixes the best of ZCash, Komodo, and Monero.

What do I mean by that? Well, the project literally fuses three things:

  • Zcash's zk-snarks (Zero Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge), which is regarded to be one of, if not the, best ways to keep blockchain consensus while maintaining privacy.
  • Monero's private-only transaction rules. Zcash unfortunately doesn't require transactions to be private, meaning that a HUGE percent of the blockchain's history isn't shielded, and many forms of analysis can be used to track the network to some degree.
  • Komodo's dPoW (delayed proof-of-work), which means that every block is "notarized" onto the Komodo blockchain, just as every block on Komodo is then "notarized" onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

So, PirateChain has mandatory private-sends, protecting the integrity of the overall network's privacy, it has a better privacy protocol than Monero, and it is effectively immune to a 51% attack, thanks to dPoW.

The inflation rate was pre-set from the beginning, with a total maximum supply of 200,000,000 ARRRs, of which roughly 180,000,000 exist now. The chain was also launched with NO pre-mine, no "foundation" starting with a huge cut, no ICO, etc. Just a simple, fair launch.

Here are the official white paper, roadmap, and FAQ, as well as the ARRRmada (the list of merchants who accept ARRR)

Privacy Is Under-Valued, And So Is ARRR!

So, right now Monero is the top privacy coin, by market cap, coming in at $4.7B right now, putting it at #30 on CMC's list.

The next one up is Zcash at $2.25B, coming in at #55.

You could kind of count DASH at #44 with a $2.75B market cap - but it's even less private than ZEC...

Meanwhile ARRR is coming in at #497, with a $75M market cap, and that's because it just shot up in the last day... a lot.

Personally, I see ARRR's market cap catching up to, and probably surpassing, XMR's. With current prices, that would mean ~$26 per ARRR....

The Big Shift

Honestly, the whole of privacy coins is crazy low. People don't realize yet just how much energy is going to be flowing into & through privacy coins in the very near future.

Right now, a LOT of the black market moves through government fiat cash, whether FRNs, Pesos, or whatever else. Those of you who have been paying attention know that between the Great Reset, the announcement of CBDCs, and the new scare about "dirty money," cash is not long for this world.

The powers-that-wish-they-were are going to eliminate cash, and people's option will be: GovCoin or Decentralized crypto?

And for anyone interested in privacy & security, things like BTC, ETH, or even HIVE will be practically useless, as they're transparent blockchains. That means that the BILLIONS of dollars circulating at any time in the black market (billions just in cannabis alone) will find a clear new home: Privacy Coins

I can't say which one will win, but I can say that all the good ones are going way up, and ARRR is one of the best (imho.)

Pirate Chain Comparisons

A writer on Medium known as Flexatron has written a series of articles comparing the privacy & security of ARRR to various other privacy coins, so I've included links to all of those below. I am certainly no expert in these things, and if you have input on this topic - I'd love to know if anything covered here is incorrect :-)

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