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I want my grand children, If I get any, to ask about his bar and what relevance does it have/ And I can say that they have a Chinese Great Grandfather generations ago that was Gold Smith and I wanted this bar as a reminder of that part of the family tree. Like all parents, he wanted his descendants to thrive!

This is a controversial bank note that gave King George 'Asian Eyes' so that his Hong Kong subjects would be more accepting of him as their King. That's what @punkysdad told me.

Thanks for dropping in @silvertop

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That's interesting that they would alter his eyes on the bank note so his subjects would be more accepting..🤔
Lol... I like your comment about Grandchildren..."If I get any"🤣
We are still wondering if our two Married sons will EVER have kids Lol!
Have a good week @kerrislravenhill, I hope your days are less stressful, I remember you were trying to slow down a bit....