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So r planet really is 2 different things. It's a crafting element game, which the first 600 people who craft a new item get a limited NFT pack AS WELL as the element.

Then you have a system that generates "aether" local in game currency by simply staking NFT's from other projects on wax. It's a way to have your assets on wax, work for you. And the payouts happen every hour which is super convenient and you can just let it stack up on there if you want.

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I see. There was a hint of some gameplay within (Colonization) but neither of the two things you mentioned made me want to play.

Although the stake-other-wax-nft sounds academically interesting. Does the staked NFT generate anything for r-planet? If not, it is an open admission that the in-game currency is designed to be shit. If so, it is taskmaster's favourite "Universal NFT" (which I consider a fallacy) in action.


Just give it a go if you want. Everyone prefers a certain type of game.