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I'll message you via discord. CPU errors just mean you need to stake a little bit more of wax (resource credits equivalent). The price of TLM (alienworlds in game currency) has been booming again as speculation on Binance planet grows. I normally just click the shit out of it at work.

Never got into RaBona, that's cause I don't soccer that much. If you're really into soccer, check out "So Rare." Ubisoft x Soccer x NFT's.

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Sorare and Rabona are two different genres. Sorare is a thinly veiled betting on real games (with ETH-sized fees). Rabona is independent of real life football games and built around traditional paradigm of give us five bucks and we give you some fun - not intended as a scalable investment (although you can be on both sides of the in-game microtransactions).