3 Crypto Project Founders Share Their Vision for the Future of Web3

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The Chain Chatter episode we do every week is all about bringing together 3 founders from different aspects of the crypto industry. This gives us a really interesting perspective on what crypto is doing today and what vision we have for it tomorrow.

Crypto project founders are leading the charge in technology and adoption. We're all aiming to build better technology for our businesses while simultaneously trying to get people to adopt them and use them.

This creates a really great expertise on the current vision of Web3. I believe the vision of Web3 is always changing. Evolving. Growing. Adapting to the broader product-market-fit of what the world needs and wants.

My vision for Web3 is a little different than someone else's. That's totally fine. That's good. That's actually what Web3 is about.

In this clip from Chain Chatter, 3 founders give their perspective on Web3 and where its headed!

  • Khal: Democratize finance - more people want to get involved with finance - the core of crypto
  • In ten years we want to keep doing this and grow to a point where people are familiar with finance
  • Adrian: Wombat began as a gaming platform that gives back power to gamers. It started as a gaming wallet, now they have their own games and links to web2 games - become the steam for web3 gaming
  • Blockchain is the solution for the missing link on the internet - internet didn’t allow the transfer of valuable things and cut the middle man
  • Joab: Company is gif.games, flagship is Tezotopia, several games as well
  • First to market on Tezos
  • Crossing NFT and DeFi before Gamefi even became a thing
  • The idea came up as a joke concept and after 2 months of deep thought Tezotopia came to be
  • Indie gaming was a hobby, now it is a passion and a job

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Block chain and cryptos are becoming so popular that it touch the relevance of many business, the vision is clear of the more things it will offer.


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