AskLeo: What Does Your Crypto Portfolio Allocation Look Like?

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I've been seeing a few people doing these AskLeo posts and I really like the idea. Great for engagement and good practice for something called #ProjectBlank that is being released soon - whatever that's supposed to be ;)

Earlier today, I was listening to an interview with Raoul Pal who's a pretty well-known macro trader. He recently fired off a viral tweet asking Crypto Twitter for altcoin recommendations. It turns out that he actually utilized the replies to build himself a basket of altcoins for his crypto portfolio.

What Are Your Favorite Altcoins?

I'm curious about portfolio allocation strategies that you might have and if you want to dive into some specific altcoins that you hodl, that would be great as well.

Over the course of the past 2 years, I've narrowed my crypto portfolio into just a few core holdings. This was done both because I thought it was the smartest allocation strategy and because the growth of Leo has given me less time to manage my portfolio so that I could spend more time BUIDLing (which is what I enjoy more).

Bitcoin and ETH have performed remarkably for me. These are my two largest holdings. I do feel that there is an opportunity in the market right now to get into a basket of different altcoins. From Polkadot to Thorchain to Monero to ____, there are opportunities all over the crypto space right now.

I'd like to build a small portfolio to allocate to a few other projects that give me wider exposure to the emerging spaces of crypto. Some example categories of these emerging markets:

  • Derivatives
  • DeFi
  • DEXes
  • Interoperability
  • Smart Contract Platforms
  • Privacy Coins
  • Liquidity Pools/AMMs

In a comment below this post, I'll include an example using my current allocation strategy and also briefly touch on why I want to setup this new basket of holdings.

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