Bitcoin: Where Do We Go From Here? The Case for $17k vs. $50k

24 days ago
2 Min Read
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Bitcoin has been hovering between $30k and $40k for a while now and everyone is becoming antsy about where the price is going. In the short-term, it's anyone's guess. In the long-term, I think we all can agree that it's going higher.

There are a few different fundamental and technical analyses floating around which present a bear case: where we dip below $30k and continue to drop down to $17k or even lower.

There are also bull cases which cite fundamental reasons for BTC to rise well above $40k and beyond.

We discuss the various cases in this clip from the 33rd episode of the LEO Roundtable podcast and walk through different fundamental and technical models.

In my personal opinion, these types of models are fun to explore and discuss but at the end of the day, I am a long-term HODLer. We also discuss this idea of having a long-term mindset with one bucket of your HODLings while possibly having a small bucket to trade around your core position. With a burgeoning derivatives market in the crypto space, it's becoming easier and easier to leverage various products and margin opportunities to short or long around your core position. We may talk about some of these opportunities in a future episode.

For now, enjoy our analysis of Bitcoin and where we think the price is headed in the near term.

A number of people asked for clips of this episode. We'll roll out about 5-6 from the Roundtable #33 podcast since it was so long 🦁

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