Reviving the Idea of Hive "Lite" Accounts With LeoFinance's New Onboarding Process

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If you've been around Hive for any length of time, then you've probably heard the idea of "Lite" accounts. This idea - which was talked about recently by Theycallmedan - is a proposal to create a new type of Hive account at the blockchain level that allows simple interactions on Hive dApps without requiring the full gambit of downloading private keys, learning the mechanics of Hive, etc.

The basic premise is that it creates a 0 cost way for a user to quickly signup to Hive and start using dApps without having to go through the full lengths of the onboarding process. With LeoFinance's new "Get Started" process, we aimed to build a very similar mechanism. There are some key differences, but the idea behind Lite accounts is a similar idea behind the accounts that we create for new signups on

Last week, we unveiled our new LeoInfra project. In V1, we've integrated Metamask and users can now seamlessly sign up to with their Metamask ETH address in under 30 seconds.

Now you might be wondering: how do "Lite" accounts come into play?

With our Metamask process, the user doesn't need to download any keys. They already have the keys to their Metamask ETH address. Utilizing a signature from this address, we allow them to create their own Hive account through with the click of a few buttons. All they have to do is:

  1. Click get started
  2. Signup with Metamask
  3. Enter a username
  4. Confirm with a Metamask text signature

In this video, I clipped together a few parts from my last video where I ran through a demo of the LeoInfra V1 integration. In these clips, I show how easy it is to create a new account with Metamask.

In under 1 minute, I show how the user is able to create a new Hive account with Metamask and immediately begin operating on the Hive blockchain through The user is able to upvote, comment, send, stake, receive, etc... everything that a "normal" Hive user is able to do.

In the wallet page, the user is able to download the keys to the Hive blockchain account that we've created for them and linked to their ETH address (using custom JSON). The key is that the user doesn't have to download the keys.. They can download the keys when they're ready to download them. Most people who sign up to a site are already overwhelmed with new information and they need time to explore the UI and find out how everything works.

The key is that we set the user up for success by not throwing all of this complex information at them all at once. Instead, they're able to seamlessly sign up and continually login with Metamask. Once they're hooked to the site and start exploring the blockchain aspects of it - i.e. their wallet page - we give them prompts and disclaimers about "not your keys, not your crypto".

A user on Twitter also recently adapted the phrase to our onboarding process: not your keys, not your data. Which is a phrase that we'll likely integrate into the site. Users can now signup to easily and start the process of enjoying Web3 (tokenized rewards, blockchain immutability, etc.) but they don't need all the hard stuff thrown in their face all at once. They can take full control of their data (keys) when they're ready.

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