LeoFinance Feature Spotlight: Hive Smart Tags and Auto Tweet After Publish

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In the past 2 weeks, we've rolled out a bunch of new updates to the LeoFinance UI. As we get closer to the official release notes for the V2 Phase 2 update, I'll make some videos covering the various features and how to best utilize them.

In Discord chat today, @dalz and a few of us were talking about the new Auto Tweet feature.

The auto tweet function allows users to tweet their post out directly after hitting publish on the leofinance.io UI. If you have "Auto Tweet" enabled, a twitter popup is prompted right after you hit the publish button.

This twitter dialog is prefilled with:

  • the first sentence of your post body
  • the first 2 tags from your post
  • the link to your post


You can easily just hit Tweet once this dialog is prompted to automatically send it or you can add in a little more details/change the tag.

Auto Reblog is another feature we rolled out alongside the Auto Tweet functionality.

This one is more self-explanatory: it automatically reblogs your post on Hive so that it shows on your main blog feed on other sites like PeakD/Hive.blog.

Hive Smart Tags


Hive Smart Tags is an awesome feature. It takes your recent posts and collects the 6 tags that you use most frequently. These tags are then displayed and can be added to your post with the click of a button.

Most authors on Hive/LeoFinance tend to use a handful of tags frequently on each of their posts. The Smart Tags feature will suggest these tags and make the posting process that much smoother.

Next time you find yourself over on https://leofinance.io, give these new features a try! The Auto Tweet feature especially gives users like @taskmaster4450 no more excuses to not be tweeting their leofinance.io posts over on Twitter! Now he and others can hit the publish button and then literally 1 more click to fire off a tweet with their content.



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