Quick Update: WLEO Relaunch Date, New UI Features Released Today and Other Developments

6 months ago
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I recorded a quick update on the upcoming WLEO relaunch, the recently released updates to the LeoFinance UI and also our progress on the November roadmap as we roll out more features from the LeoFinance V2 P2 update and also the newest LeoInfra integration.

It's been a minute since I recorded a video and admittedly, I felt super rusty.

EDIT: I meant to edit a part out from the beginning where I just lost my train of thought mid-sentence. Oh well, guess you get some comedy there. The struggle is real.

I tried to keep it brief and to the point about the upcoming developments since we have so many projects releasing in a short period of time this week and next.

In This Update:

  • LeoFinance.io V2 P2 Development Progress
  • WLEO Relaunch Date and Important Info
  • WLEO Wallet Update to the LeoFinance UI
  • UI Feedback - New Curated Page for Manually Curated Content Feeds
  • New LEO Tokenomics Widget and Real-Time Stats
  • WLEO LP Returns - What's The Best Way to Provide Value to the LEO Ecosystem and Earn the Best APY?

Tomorrow, the WLEO intro post will go live on the @leofinance account which will contain our new architecture design, how we've built a more secure infrastructure and other relevant info on the WLEO relaunch. Stay tuned 🦁



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