vexPOLYCUB and Collateralized Loans in the PolyCUB Ecosystem

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In this clip from the Weekly AMA, we talk about Voting Escrow xPolyCUB.

As we previously mentioned in the last podcast, vexPolyCUB is almost ready to be released.

It's a locking contract where you can lock your PolyCUB for two years and use it in governance votes. Users who stake their xPolyCUB for two years will get 3x more Governance voting power per 1 xPOLYCUB token compared to someone holding regular xPolyCUB liquid in their wallet. Along with this comes amplified yield and higher earnings.

We also touch on how xPolyCUB will work with collateralized borrowing - you lock up xPolyCUB in a contract and the contract will give you money in a liquid loan. As soon as you pay it back, you can get your xPolyCUB back.

We talk about this and more in this clip from the Weekly AMA!

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Interesting, so you can lock your xpolycub, get more voting power, vote yourself more yield, making locking up xPolyCUb more profitable then selling.
This occurs at the same time as the halving, so deflationary tokenomics mean very few polycub are produced and rewarded to stakers, making the large sums locked up early more valuable.
Nice for me because I got in early, and smart to buy more now.

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VeXPolyCUB keeps the true rooting power, glad collateralized lending is coming up...


Hmmn Makes sense. I can’t wait.




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