LEO Roundtable #26: CBDCs, Earning Interest on Bitcoin and Where is Hive Going?

23 days ago
3 Min Read
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We kicked off this episode of the LEO roundtable by talking about the podcast and a future UI update to service more video content directly on the LeoFinance.io UI. We jumped into some questions that @rollandthomas prepared as we talked Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and also considered their impact on U.S. Debt.

@dalz wrote a post last week about stablecoins and how they're seeing an incredible rise in printing. Is this the new norm or are we waiting for a massive shift to take place?

From there, we talk Bitcoin and if there are safe ways to collect interest on your long-term BTC holdings. Thorchain's future cross-chain BTC liquidity pool integration comes up and then we talk about the differences between wBTC and native BTC.

Some details about the upcoming release of LeoInfra V2, the new WLEO LP incentive model and some 5 year projections are also discussed along with a general discussion around Ethereum and DeFi.

In This Episode:

  • 00:00:00 Getting More Interviews on the Podcast
  • 00:01:30 Future LeoVideo Update to the LeoFinance UI
  • 00:04:20 Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and U.S. Debt
  • 00:13:30 The Growth of Stablecoins and Printing to Infinity and Beyond
  • 00:17:50 Are There Safe Ways to Collect Interest on Your Bitcoin Holdings
  • 00:25:50 Thorchain's Upcoming Native RUNE-BTC Pool Features and Why It's So Valuable
  • 00:38:50 New Month-to-Month LeoFinance Roadmap and Progress on Onboarding New Hive Accounts
  • 00:41:00 Some Details on the Upcoming LeoInfra V2 Update
  • 00:44:30 Neal's Trump Vs. Biden Game on Hive-Engine and How it Works
  • 01:05:15 HIVE/BTC Price and Where is HIVE Really Going From Here?
  • 01:16:00 LeoFinance.io Traffic and How We're Seeing Exponential Growth From Our Referrals
  • 01:33:30 LEO Mining Tokens - Are They Still a Profitable Investment?
  • 01:44:00 Preview of the New WLEO LP Incentive Model
  • 01:51:00 Is DeFi Bringing ETH Along for the Ride or is ETH the Stage for Innovation?
  • 01:53:40 What is the 5 Year Projection for the LEO Price and Users?

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