RE: My Response to Steem-Engine/Hive-Engine Migration Plans

6 months ago
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Appreciate your point of view on it. A lot of token owners have spent countless hours and a lot of hard earned $$ on their tokens and tribes.

I won't be paying for any additional costs to Steem-Engine unless they provide something of additional value. At this point, we've suffered losses of both time and money at the hands of SE and their support has been non-existent. Personally, I staked a bunch of ENG under the presumption that it was going to be a requirement for operating a Tribe in the long-run.

We all bought into @aggroed's vision for SE and now he's basically telling us to pay up for things we've already bought or we are shit out of luck. Steem is a dead chain in the eyes of 90% of this community. Hive is everything now

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