RE: My Response to Steem-Engine/Hive-Engine Migration Plans

6 months ago
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He's got a business to run, but the business only exists because the community (us) bought into his vision in the form of ENG, EM miners and tribes. Now he's basically asking us to pay for passing go just because we're reformatting onto an identical chain. It doesn't make business sense to do that to your "customers" and more importantly to the community backing all of it.

I also don't believe the numbers as represented. Nor do I believe the legal issues. Of course, both are out of my purview, but I have a hard time believing those projections.

Also, how much does SE bring in via the STEEM->STEEMP gateway? How much would they bring in under the guise of the HIVE->HIVEP gateway?

Our usage of tribes/tokenization is what drives demand for STEEM-->STEEMP conversions and thus, a 1% fee on all of that going to SE.

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