Why Hive is the Best Blockchain to Build Web3

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I've always believed in a chain-agnostic future. A future where everything is cross-chain compatible.

You could liken this to the current state of most popular video games. Most popular video games are now cross-platform. You can play them on any device and you can play with people who are using other devices.

Along similar lines, I believe in a future where you can use any currency and any blockchain to interact with virtually any other currency and any other blockchain.

Hive is a beautiful ecosystem. It has flourished over the past 6 years - seeing dozens of amazing dApps, projects and companies flock to the chain to build while ~10k+ MAUs continually use the chain for various activities.

In this clip from LeoFinance's Chain Chatter podcast, I'm joined by @theycallmedan and @yabapmatt. This clip covers:

  • So many options, Play2 earn, blog2earn and much more
  • Seamless integration and easiness to navigate through chains
  • Hive's tech is superior in terms of dapps that it can store
  • Hive is the base layer but it can be used to off-ramp and on-ramp to other chains
  • SPL has MM of tx a day and not even scratching the surface of what hive can manage
  • SPL is still small even though it is the top1 gaming dapp in crypto
  • Focus on keeping growing while hive can still supporting
  • Hive is an incentive machine that leverages the block producers to store info at a L1 level but also a L2
  • As RC become more demanding, SPK network wants to not store the trash comments
  • DLUX solves this storage through the honeycomb tech and boosts SPKNetwork
  • DLux gives dapps the chance to not have to run their own nodes
  • Each dapp could have their own smart contract nodes on a side chain for petty tx that don't need to be on hive


About LeoFinance

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I love hive and LeoFinance and yes this is the best blockchain to build web 3. You have valid and logical points on it. Thanks for the discussion! Have a nice day 💖



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I enjoyed how you mentioned those benefits one could derive from Hive and proving your points that Hive is the best Blockchain to build WEB 3 is valid enough because it is what I have been experiencing ever since I have been on Hive.

For me, I have a future with a Blockchain that can transact and interact in any currency. Weldone to you guys 👍

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I am glad to see theycallmedan. 😇

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Hive is standing tall and I'm yet to see a formidable platform as coordinated , united, decentralized and growth oriented, as hive. Hive is an empire with vast domain too strong to defeat. The idea of Resource Create is a strong born and giving us the uniqueness unbreakable.


Hive remains the best we've platform which offers social interaction and finance opportunities with time more integrated functionalities will be seen on hive.

Leofinance is also there to unviel crypto news around the globe. It's such a wonderful opportunity utilizing web3.
Thanks for sharing

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2 things comes into my mind. Splinterlands and Leofinance, whenever I say anything about Hive, these two projects on Hive kind of make the name of the Hive blockchain known. I wish we could trademark the Hive considering we are already in conflict with another similar company and we have no leverage.




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