RE: Huge Opportunity for pHBD to Gain a Foothold in the DeFi Stablecoin Space

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It’s pretty cool to watch. PolyCUB has actually not gone as planned. Things have changed dramatically since the beginning but the exciting thing is that we’re changing with the tides and making progress on achieving our long-term vision of sustainable yield

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That's how result unveils themselves gradually, PolyCUB halving has been going as planned as the halving took place some days ago. Regardless of what the outcome has been so far, you and the team have able to still steer PolyCUB in directions that wasn't speculated at the start.

PolyCUB is a long term game so there's enough time to get things just the way you'd expect it to be. We're with you all the way...

At least your sincerity proves you want more and inadvertently, we all want more but slowly and surely the result would surface.

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