RE: Major Update to CUB IDO System | IDO #2, #3, #4

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"How big or active are the communities for these new IDOs?"

It ranges, some have no community, others small and 1 is relatively large and active already.

We need to keep in mind though: as much as small-mid cap projects are coming to us for funding, they're mostly coming for the community we've got. Their goal is to get initial growth to take their platform off the ground. IDOs are for tokens that haven't even launched yet, so there's a dynamic there that attracts new projects that may not have any following yet.

"I mean, it's all well and good to burn all that CUB, but at this point, it seems like most of it is OUR Cub"

In a zero sum environment, I'd also say the same. The thing is, IDOs are just an opportunity to buy into a new coin before it's publicly listed on exchanges/DEXs.

Many seem to be thinking that people are just dumping CUB into an IDO vault and it disappears and they get nothing in return. This, however, is not the case.

With IDOs, there is a potential to generate a return or take a loss. It's a DYOR event where users can choose whether or not they want to "place a bet" on one of these IDO currencies in an attempt to generate upside.

Obviously it would be fantastic to have new buyers for CUB IDOs. They'd have to first buy CUB (driving up the price), then spend that CUB on the IDO (burning it from the supply).

Our goal will be to drum up more attention over time about these IDOs. As we have more of them and build a track record of (hopefully) big success stories from IDO -> Launch -> Token Appreciation -> CUB IDO Participant Gains, we'll be able to utilize this track record as a proof of value to take around the DeFi space and do marketing.

This marketing would be aimed at attracting new IDOs and also aimed at teaching people that there's an opportunity on CubFinance each time there's an IDO and maybe they should buy a little CUB and participate.

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