RE: LeoFinance Onboard Web2 to Web3 Initiatives: Join the LeoFinance Facebook Group, Earn 250 LEO!

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"Real comments and real conversations go a long way on Facebook and since we have the most articles written out of any other community on Hive, I know the LeoFinance community is primed to take over Facebook using this group as a launchpad to double our current users!"

Love this and I think we have one of the most engaged and excited userbase in the entire space. I'm excited to see what our community can make of this type of outreach via Facebook and other platforms.

I agree, 20,000 MAUs by end of year is a great target. Seems like a crazy leap from current numbers (~750 MAUs) but exponential network effect will take hold faster than people think.

Let's make this happen, together 💪🏽

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