RE: LEO is Migrating to the Multi Chain Future | 4 Blockchains Integrated and Black Hole Theory Taking Effect

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LeoFinance is built on Hive. See LeoFinance’s latest tweet about LeoMobile - a Web3 application built on hive.

I think too many people are stuck in this “my chain is better than your chain, so I won’t use your chain” bubble.

This is exactly the purpose being illustrated in this clip. The future belongs to projects who go multi-chain and think in terms of abundance.

Thinking that a project should only focus on one chain is not the path forward. That’s limited thinking. Even Splinterlands realized this. Using BSC for SPS - their governance token - exploded the entire value proposition of the game.

Going multi-chain is the only path forward. The only one that matters anyway.

Still, we build apps like LeoMobile, Hivestats, LeoDex. All on Hive.

For some reason, this tribalism still creeps Its head. Tribalism is dangerous. We will now and forever build toward a multi-chain future with LeoFinance. That includes hive but doesn’t exclude other blockchains which is what tribalists want you to do.

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