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Even with my heavy bias, I do believe the pHIVE and pSPS pools are going to signify the major step function change we've all been looking for on PolyCUB.

There's a lot going into the platform, a lot that has already gone in over the past 7 months.

The release of Governance along with the V2 vault change is radically reshaping the entire value proposition of the platform. Instead of just offering Kingdoms vaults that accrue value in only 1 way for Protocol Liquidity (management fees), we are seeing vaults like pHBD, pHIVE, pSPS - and in the sooniverse pRUNE, pLUNA, etc. - offer 5 value accrual mechanisms for PolyCUB's PoL.

Sustainability and long-term thinking are all that matter for PolyCUB. At the core of that is value accrual. I believe the new mechanical setup of PolyCUB with these new vaults is the best thing our team has ever built so far

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The numbers could really jump on that, no doubt about it. Get a couple hundred thousand HIVE on there along with a couple million SPS and you will see an entirely different platform especially with then each paired with POLYCUB.

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1000%. Then mix in the fact that we’re aiming to deploy a dozen total p__ vaults with identical setups. Including assets from other chains that we can bring to Hive and Polygon simultaneously.

Then add in Collateralized synthetic loans. Things get really interesting

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