How to Blog Using Metamask and Earn ETH Rewards as a Content Creator

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On LeoFinance, you can signup using Metamask and earn LEO rewards for your content. We've also built an easy offramp from LEO into ETH so that users of Metamask can seamlessly convert their blogging rewards into ETH.

This post is my entry to LeoFinance's Week 1 competition to reach out to the Ethereum/Metamask community and onboard them to our platform so that they can earn rewards. Note: my entry won't be eligible to win the contest, but this should serve as a general example of what we're looking for.

In this post/video, new users will learn how to signup using Metamask, engage with the site and then ultimately earn rewards and convert them into ETH.

(the video tutorial starts at the 1 minute mark)

How to Signup to Using Metamask

Step 1: go to and hit "Get Started" then select "Sign Up With Metamask"


Step 2: Enter a username for your account


Step 3: Confirm with a Metamask text signature


Note: this text signature verifies that you are the key holder to the ETH address. Metamask doesn't share your keys with LeoFinance and this type of transaction also doesn't require a gas fee. Here you can see me signing up to LeoFinance using an ETH address that has 0 ETH in it.

Step 4: Click the Pencil icon in the top right and write an introduction post about yourself so the community can follow you


Earning Rewards

On LeoFinance, you earn rewards through a decentralized upvote economy. Users can stake LEO in their wallet. More LEO staked = a higher upvote value. When a user with staked LEO upvotes your post, you'll earn 50% of the rewards and they'll earn the other 50%.


Convert LEO Rewards Into ETH

LEO rewards are paid out every 7 days. Once you receieve a few LEO payouts, you can either stake that LEO into LEO POWER so that you can earn stake-based curation rewards or convert those liquid LEO rewards into ETH automatically into your Metamask Ethereum address.

Step 1: Click "Claim LEO Token Rewards"


Step 2). Choose how much LEO to convert and hit "Continue"


Step 3). After 1-3 minutes, you'll see the ETH arrive in your Metamask ETH Address


Social Media on the Blockchain

LeoFinance is a cross-blockchain social media platform. You can signup with Metamask on our UI. On the backend, all of your interactions are broadcasted to the Hive blockchain which features immutable data storage and scalable, free transactions.

Using a Hive block explorer like or, you can see your profile directly on the blockchain and track all of your interactions. Social media is now immutable. Nobody can delete your content or rewards from the blockchain.


Questions? Reach Out!

If you have any questions, there are social icons on the bottom right of If you're on Mobile, you'll see a big Discord icon that links to our server.

If you're on Desktop, you'll find our Twitter, Telegram and Discord links. Don't hesitate to reach out to our community with your questions. Happy blogging, now get out there and earn some ETH rewards 🚀

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