Introducing 2 New LEO Stakeholders and Community Members | Welcome Mike and Gualter!

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On the latest LEO Roundtable Podcast Episode we were joined by @leoschein and @gualteramarelo. These are two friends of @scaredycatguide that he recently onboarded and helped broker some LEO buys for.

It's awesome to see new and enthusiastic members of our community and one thing that is also interesting is the approach that they're taking.

On the show, Mitch said that @leoschein would take a much more "backseat, passive income" approach and @gualteramarelo would take a much more hands-on, content creator approach.

Having these two new investors and users of our platform is great and in the full episode of the podcast we covered some great ground in terms of questions that a new LEO investor would have.

Mitch has been doing a great job with getting them onboarded, invested and educated about LeoFinance. Some true hand-to-hand marketing right there. From here on, it's the community's duty as well to give them a warm welcome as they venture deeper and deeper into our platform and learn all of the various intricacies and features that we offer.

Welcome to LeoFinance Mike and Gualter! 🦁

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