LEO Roundtable: Announcing Announcements That We Can't Yet Announce

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The number of projects we have currently being developed is more than we've ever had before. With our new microblogging platform launching on Hive in the next few weeks, LEO's standalone sidechain entering testnet and our new LeoFi app, the first Quarter of 2021 is going to be our busiest yet.

If you've been watching our Discord, then you'll know that we've got some running jokes about announcing announcements. There are simply so many projects being built under the LeoFinance umbrella separately but together (as our dev team continues to expand) that the announcements are piling up.

As these projects get closer to public launch, we'll continue to release details about them. Earlier this week, the LEO roundtable crew met for a quick podcast and in the first 20 minutes or so, we talked about all of the announcements and major developments that are right around the corner.

I'm feeling proud of the title I came up with for this clip. We were actually not going to release this episode since we talked about projects that we're not ready to announce details on yet, but I ended up censoring all of the private information that's not yet public.

The next 3 projects we launch will blow your mind. I don't think anyone is expecting the pace at which these projects will roll out and the sheer magnitude of what they mean for LeoFinance.

LEO is going decentralized on our new governance layer. The testnet is ready and we're going to shoot it into public testing very soon. Along with this, a new governance token will be launched and airdropped to LEO POWER hodlers (and WLEO LPs). More announcements on this will follow.

LeoFi is shaping up nicely as we get ready to exit the design phase and start development.

The new microblogging app we're developing (Project _____) is getting closer and closer to launch as well. This launch will also include a new microblogging-centric token along with a mining token. Both of these will be airdropped to:

  • LEO POWER hodlers
  • WLEO Liquidity Providers
  • LEOM stakers
  • LEOMM stakers

We've been quiet on the public announcements over the past 1-2 weeks. We're just gearing up for a long list of developments that we need to roll into testing and eventually into production.

Stay tuned, the announcements of announcements are just beginning.



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