My Theory on Hive Mobile App Resilience

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In this clip from the New Year's pod we did, we talk about Mobile apps on the Hive blockchain. The question was more specifically talking about LeoFinance Mobile and the work we've done to create an IOS and Android app for Leo, but I span it to a broader thesis I have about mobile apps.

Mobile Apps are a great thing. When you think about using you iPhone or Android, you probably think about all the apps you have downloaded on your phone that you use regularly.

I believe there is a place for native mobile apps like this - ones that you download on the app store.

Mobile App Resiliency

With that being said, I find there to be a major threat when you have a mobile app. At any moment, you can get taken off the app store. You can get removed with little-to-no reasoning given.

We've been battling with Apple to get LeoMobile on the IOS App Store. This has given me a sour taste for native mobile apps.

So while we'll always be building our native mobile app, I've shifted the vast majority of our dev focus to building a highly robust web app that is still mobile-first.

What does this mean? It means that if push comes to shove and App stores ban Web3 apps like LeoMobile, then we'll have an INCREDIBLE Webapp experience through directly.

Twitter does this as well and in light of them almost getting banned from IOS app stores, we can see why this conversation is relevant.

Listen to this clip to hear the full convo!

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Who is who in this video? 😁 I think I can guess 2 on the left, but not 2 on the right 🤷🏻‍♀️


Mitch, (me), Nifty and Anomadsoul!

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Anomadsoul knows how to start podcasts ,Android are crying in the corner lol. Well the moral of story between IOS and Android is about security IOS more secure i am using Android so you have always to be careful and awake to protect it, and most of the people like started using their smartphones to browse their social media websites blockchains or whatever because it is easier, smaller and always in the pocket