In-Depth: LeoFinance Month-to-Month Roadmap for November

27 days ago
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You may have already seen the LeoFinance Month-to-Month Roadmap that we released earlier today on the @leofinance account. This roadmap aims to give more regular updates on what is currently being build and the expected release dates of our internal objectives as a team and community project.

In this video, I discuss the roadmap and give a more in-depth review of the various aspects on it. This may give some extra insight into how things are designed, developed and delivered for the LeoFinance community.

I actually split this video into two sections. The original turned out to be about 33 minutes in length. In part 1 (this video), I cover the roadmap. In part 2 (tomorrow's video), I cover the upcoming release of LeoFinance V2 Phase 2. These are some major upgrades to our UI which will start rolling out one at a time in the next 3-4 days with an official release date of November 5th-15th.

As we said in the @leofinance post about the M2M roadmap, we hope you share it around the Hive blockchain but especially on Twitter and other Web2 platforms. Spread the word about our roadmap and how the LeoFinance project is progressing as we deliver on these objectives in November and each month that follows with the new M2M roadmaps that are released.



LeoFinance is a blockchain-based social media community for Crypto & Finance content creators. Our tokenized app allows users and creators to engage and share content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

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