Is It Too Late to Start Using DeFi Platforms on the Binance Smart Chain?

11 days ago
2 Min Read
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Many in the space feel like they are late to the whole DeFi industry in general and many are already questioning if it's too late to start using DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain.

In the broad crypto industry, there are so many different platforms and new ones are constantly being developed, forked and innovated with. All of these platforms carry a learning curve and some are more steep than others.

Binance Smart Chain offers a familiar experience to anyone who's utilized the Ethereum blockchain. In this clip from our last Roundtable Podcast, we talk about the pros and cons of learning new platforms and if its worth the hurtles you have to jump over to get through the initial learning curve.

Whether the opportunity has come and gone or not is up for debate and whether it's worth our time to continually explore this quickly evolving space is a matter of perspective.

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