The Future of CUB | An Update Like No Other

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On this week's AMA, we talk about our good friend CUB Finance.

Many of you may be wondering "Has LeoFinance completely forgotten about CUB on Binance Smart Chain?" and my short answer to that question is absolutely not.

All of the features that have been pushed onto PolyCUB will also be pushed onto CUB. CUB will feature:

  • Multi-Token Bridge (bHBD, bHIVE, bRUNE...)
  • Protocol Owned Liquidity
  • CUB Bonding
  • CUB Governance

Multi-Token Bridge: Value Accrual Like No Other

PolyCUB's Multi-Token Bridge model is already proving to be a massive value accrual machine. POLYCUB is now earning thousands of dollars each month through wrapping fees, on-chain staking and arbitrage for pHBD.

pHBD is just one token in this model. pHIVE was just launched last week and is gaining liquidity.

This whole model will generate tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for PolyCUB's Protocol Liquidity which buys POLYCUB each month and distributes it to the LP Incentive Pool.

This entire model is built to be ported right into CubFinance. The key is getting it all deployed in a sort of "Testnet" environment. That environment is PolyCUB: we're able to deploy each contract one at a time and allow it to perform well and build protocol value. Then when it's all deployed, we hit a few buttons and port it all back to CUB in one single, massive update!

The Vertical Stack Model

The point of the "DeFi Stack idea" is the idea of testing continuously integrating. This process will happen a lot faster and smoother than if we started from the bottom up each time, tested it, then integrated it.

The big roadmap of features on PolyCUB is the focus right now then basically will be pushed to all the other platforms in the DeFi Stack.

We talk about this and more in this clip from the Weekly AMA!

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