LeoFinance's 2021 Recap | A 6 Minute Preview of the 77 Minute, 3 Volume Post

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In this clip from this week's LeoFinance AMA, I give a quick rundown of the 2021 Recap post we published on @leofinance.

The final post ended up being 15,400 words. Approximately a 77 minute read at the average person's reading speed. It's pretty wild, but LeoFinance had an incredibly busy year of development in 2021.

So many projects were launched in 2021. So many infrastructure improvements. So much growth for our community.

Growth, evolution and closer to the future. That is the short narrative of 2021 but obviously there is a much bigger and deeper picture. One that you can see by delving into the 15,400 word post.

In this clip, I do a quick "Recap of the Recap" and just give a little teaser into the 2021 publication.



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