LeoFinance UI Update | Kingdoms, CUB, Marketing and Communication

We've had a crazy 5-6 weeks of development surrounding CUB, LeoFinance and LeoBridge. There is a disconnect that has been brought up in…

Cub Finance Audit is Live | $20m TVL, Kingdoms Update and LeoBridge

The entire DeFi and Binance Smart Chain space has been skyrocketing. When we first started thinking about and buidling CUB, we realized…

0% Deposit Fee Day is Live for the Next 24 Hours! | Farming, Dens and Composable Contract Updates

As discussed over the past several days, we made some key changes to the farming dynamics on Cub. These changes cut back on the Farm/Den…

0 Deposit Fee Day, Composable Contracts and Audits

After getting some feedback from the community, we've decided to leave the DOT den untouched. The DOT den has a 2x multiplier, so it won't…

UI Refresh, LeoBridge, Kingdoms Release and Major Farms/Dens Update

UI Refresh You may notice the slick UI refresh. We've made a number of changes in preparation for LeoBridge and have two major UI…

CUB Block Reward Halvening, Upcoming Features and Our Mission for Sustainable DeFi

It's been 16 days since the launch of Cub Finance. There are a lot of updates rolling out, especially as LeoBridge is completed (about 85%…

Introducing DEC Farming on Cub Finance

We've added DEC to the list of available farms on Cub Finance. As of today, you can now send DEC to the Binance Smart Chain, pool it with…

CUB Listed on CoinMarketCap, $600k in Daily Volume, LeoBridge Update and Code Audits

As mentioned on Twitter and elsewhere, we've already had a big week and have even more to come as we cross from this week into next. CUB…

The Cub Finance AMA on BSC Gemz Telegram (Full Transcript)

Below is the full transcript of the AMA Khal had with DaveIT from the BSC Gemz Telegram group. DaveIT - "I am rude and the problem is…

$197k CUB Burned, $38k bLEO Bought & Burned | BSCGemz AMA In 5 Hours and Future Plans

What a week! It's been 7 days since the launch of CUB and this is a significant milestone for a number of reasons. All week, we've been…

The First Ever Cross-Chain Hybrid Claimdrop | Completely Redesigned and CUB Drop is Now Live!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay on this claim drop. It was intended to go out Monday morning and then we pushed it back 24 hours. Then…

Introducing Cub Finance | LeoFinance Expands Into DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain

The long-awaited day has finally arrived. Some LEO detectives have already made great guesses at what we're launching today but most…