My break From Hive: The Financial Implications and My Plans Coming Back

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In case you noticed which you might not have, I have been AWOL from hive for about 14 days which is practically the longest time I have been away.

Now, you probably might not have noticed but if you did, you might want an explanation and the simple explanation is that I haven’t been able to balance my work, mental health, and hive, I couldn’t exactly remove the first two so, I had to stay away from hive; incredibly hard decision if I may say.

Anyways, I have been looking for a way to come back and I spent time considering the best community to post this, and also, letting procrastination be the boss of me, but I guess halfway through all this, I realized that I needed to come back to the hive and this time as a means of passion and not money because I guess I lost my passion a while ago due to a lot of things and this affected my writing.

Now, you might be curious why I chose the leofinance community to post this, and well minus the fact that I didn't know where else to post it, I thought that instead of just announcing myself back, I would write about my plans being back, at least for accountability.

So, first, my goal is to start powering up, I have been powering down for a while now because I needed money for family, amongst other things and I plan to stop next week and the goal is to begin powering up so I can get all the HP that was reduced; powering down was a hard decision to make but I needed to for survival.

Next, I want to go back to being consistent; obviously, I doubt I can do daily because of my 9-5 but at least writing weekly for me is good enough right now and lastly, I need to try my best to engage with other hivers because it is an essential part of hive.

Now while writing these goals are easy, I sincerely do hope I can get back to being committed to hive and I hope to accomplish these goals.


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I actually noticed. Welcome back queen


Thank you so much


You are welcome


You are still a legend here on hive. A boss to look up to.

First of all. You are highly welcomed back again.

And yeah there are times we just have to take some difficult decisions. I am also on power down for weeks now and I hope I get to stop them so soon. I get no choice..

How have you been doing?


I understand mehn, things are crazy so whatever is needed to survive.

Thank you for the welcome.


It is well my sis


Wow you have started a 9-5 job. I didn't know oh. I know how it is trying to combine Hive with some other things, for me I trying to combine Hive with schooling both Online and physical. I hope you get to find a balance and make enough rewards to power up some Hive. I wish you the best.

See you in your WhatsApp DM.. ttyl.


It's so hard to combine all these things, I have been trying and I just couldn't, hopefully, I can keep up though.

We will text on WhatsApp 😊


Yay! 🤗
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Its "try my best to engage with other rivers"

other hivers you meant here surely...

Now... its great you got a you won't have much time to hive along...

and its great you have explored and built a community in Hive and explored sharing your singing passion and it did you good...

So good luck...

By the way... I got some amazing insights on truely being joyful as I checked out the Global oy Submit...

There were lots of insightful people sharing amazing insights...although most videos are off... there are some which you mmust see when free...

It's helping me tune myself to commpasion and joy and increase my positive energy(:

and there are tasks you can do to be joyful daily I think...details here

So, I hope you keep doing nice!!


Thank you so much for the correction and also the videos, I'll be checking them out.

I am indeed glad I got a job but I do miss being consistent and the bond of hive, maybe during the holidays, I'll have time.


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Done 😊
Sorry it took time.


No prob. Thank you for your support @khaleesii, really appreciate it! 👍
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3 mo (edited)

You will do it - life works in cycles... This is just another one of them. I haven't published on Hive, except for the dreem-wotw winner's post, in almost 2 weeks myself. Just been busy, was a bit under the weather. I have been writing a bit but I spend ages on one short story !LOLZ ... I miss your posts - I need to visit you more often. You have always been one of my favourite bloggers, Ophelia 💗 Would love to see your posts appearing in Dreemport again - I try to do public curation there as much as possible during the week. !LUV !ALIVE - by the way... next dreem-wotw contest post comes out on the weekend... some nice prizes on offer!Would love to see you submit an entry if you have time - but no pressure. I understand the juggling xx


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I have been trying to keep up but it's been hard, I'll probably try during the holidays, might be a better time.

Thank you for visiting and the moment I am fully back, I will be diving into dreemport.


Nice! I have been away a fair bit this month myself... coming back this week with some posts... the next dreem-wotw posts comes out this eve so drop in if you have time and have a go.... I think you'll find it an interesting one !LUV


I think I need to get back on in, ill try my best this week.


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Well the good news is that you have a 9-5 job Ophelia and that is huge so well done!
We can always chat in dreemport discord if ever you need something.
Mental well-being comes first, then your job, hive or any other social media only if you have time and it is fun...
I am updating my daily engagement list, as you say it is hard juggling everything!
Merry Christmas Ophelia


Yeah, it's actually really amazing that I got a job especially since I always wanted to build a career but I guess the new phase and how hard I am on myself doesn't help but I am trying.

Thank you so much for checking in and the only reason I haven't been talking on discord is because whenever I see all the notifications, I get scared and run away.


I kept telling myself I'll visit your blog because I noticed I haven't been seeing your posts on my feed for a while nor bumping into you in the comment section but mehn, procrastination.

Forgive me for taking this long to visit.

You know the plans I had was to come over to your recent post and say something troublesome like,

"Dear @khaleesii, where have you been? Did you go to Lagos and decide to dump us"... Lol.

I had no idea you had so much going on. I am sorry, darling. Please, do take care of yourself. And remember that we'll always be here when you are ready to return.

Bye, dear. Take care. Compliment of the season. ❣️


😆 I wouldn't ever dump y'all girl and no I didn't move to Lagos, still in Bayelsa but with a rather hectic job.

I think I definitely do need to come back here especially since work is on a break and I need to fill my head with something else.

How are you?


Oh, that's good news then. Cos this morning, while I was out fetching water, my thoughts trailed down to you.

And I told myself I'll come knocking on your Discord DM and try to convince you to find a way to balance both Hive and Work.... I didn't know if it would work though (that's if I'll be persuasive enough 🥺)...

I just didn't want you to leave your account empty like that. Even a tiny bit of effort will compound 🥺

You've got a good reputation and you can build everything all back. You've done it before in the past, remember? You can do it again 🥺🤲

3 mo

Having a hectic job and being active on hive isn't an easy feat. Reason i'm just seeing this is cause i've been in and out myself. Will be waiting on your return to activity, even if its just a short time