RUNE (THORCHAIN) - Analysis (Long-term)

Fundamental Thorchain is a cross-chain liquidity DEX. It's native token is RUNE. Rune has major updates coming in Q1 of 2022. DOGE will…

Ragnarok: Deckbuilding Poker Chess

YO! The more I read about Ragnarok, the more interesting I think it will

10 Ways To Be Successful On Hive

Everyone wants success. However, in this world of instant gratification, how often are we willing to put in the necessary time to achieve…

Hivefest: Telling Us Where Hive Is Going

Another Hivefest is behind us. For the second straight year, this was held in the virtual realm. Nevertheless, the information…

Hive Authentication Services - Developer guide - Part 2

To avoid redundancies and inaccuracies, the content of this post has been moved to the official HAS Documentation website …

SPK Network | Invitation to Hive App Developers

Hey Hivers! SPK Network is growing, and today I want to invite all the Hive App developers

PSYBERX - The Next Level Blockchain Game

Hey Hivers, It's been a while since I posted. But I have been roaming around and exploring other parts of hive mostly playing games like…

HIVE & Golden Cross | Are You Ready

HIVE Hive one of our favorite gem (Ranked in top 200 cryptos by Market Cap) , has multiple faces & communities. Some of us create…

ADA (Smart Contracts Ready) | Can it reach 5$?

Cardano aka ADA Ada maintaining 3rd rank by marketcap has great potential once 2nd phase of bull market takes off. ADA Smart…

Call For Action: Let's get Splinterlands on Trust Wallet Main page

Hi, Trust wallet is asking for Dapps to be listed on their in wallet browser. I just went with @splinterlands as it's been doing great in…

Introducing Ape Mining Club

I am proud to introduce the Ape Mining Club game built on the Hive blockchain! Ape Mining Club will launch in around 24 hours from…

Bitcoin : The Potential Breakout

Background On 22nd of July, I was discussing with my close friends about two possibilities for bitcoin to break this falling channel. I…

HBD in Savings offering 10% APR | Witness Overview

Today embarks the day when HBD in savings account is finally offering 10% interest rate. HBD is native hive blockchain stable coin which…

Thorchain: Losses 4K ETH | Chain Halted

What is Thorchain? Thorchain is an ambitious project working towards providing DEX solutions to blockchains. It's been one of poplar…

Bitcoin & The Descending Channels

It's been a while since I was here. If you have read my previous post " Bitcoin & 3-Day Curse " we talked about how we have never seen…

PIZZA HIVE Witness Announcement

We are excited to announce that the hive.pizza witness node is officially deployed and is now helping to power the HIVE blockchain! This…

Bitcoin & The Three (03) Day Curse

Market Summary Market has been volatile in last 2 days. It even fell below 29K$ for some moments on Binance but missed my by order at…

Splinterlands Value Growing at exponential rates

It's been a while I have posted something but I have been active in reading posts and do a little bit of comments and engagements. Most of…

Call for Action: Get Hive Listed on Travala.com

Introduction Travala is a platform to book hotels, flights & trips using crypto currency. It has a native token called AVA, built on…

CUB LIFE - Making De-Fi Easy & Hassle Free

Background De-Fi (Decentralized Finance) has been the strong pick of this bull run. We can definitely see ETH Defi taking off to the…