Wall Street Veteran "Jim Bianco"talks about DeFI

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so in a recent interview,a veteran at wall street who is known as Jim Bianco have expressed his opinion that the Decentralized finance (DeFi) is truly a great development and in his own words he believes that the Defi is actually recreating the entire financial system,..........”

the veteran said it during a video interview which he recently had with Fox News some days ago, he talked about how he really thinks that the DeFi could possibly disrupt the current financial system which the world is used to...

many advocates believe that Defi will actually democratize finance by beginning to cut out the middlemen such as the exchanges, the lenders and also the insurance companies....

Jim Bianco also talked about bitcoin and he mentioned that he is actually going bullish on bitcoin and he thinks that Cryptocurrencies are beginning to actually take on the major properties of the financial assets in which that they really seem to be able to get impacted by financial market events,”..

he expressed his opinion..

well many of these guys are beginning to see the reasons why they should embrace crytpocurrencies and the blockchain technology as a whole...

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