RE: UI Refresh, LeoBridge, Kingdoms Release and Major Farms/Dens Update

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Despite being in fairly early (day 3ish), I am in fact not in profit. Anyone holding any position in the farms is likely not in profit due to impermanent loss with the price action of CUB. Leo is now forcing farmers to sell off and realize that impermanent loss without the opportunity for the CUB price to rebound. I understand that we were in a hyper-inflationary period and this would likely happen to the price of cub before the block reductions and I was fine with that. I assumed that I would be allowed to hodl through the chop and leave the farms, if I chose to, when the CUB price rebounds. I was betting on the price rebounding from a successful rollout of the bridge and audits posting. What they are doing now is virtually a rug-pull for farmers, because they are forcing them to realize a loss that is supposed to be impermanent. No yield farmer ever expects the farm to be dissolved in 2 weeks.

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