RE: UI Refresh, LeoBridge, Kingdoms Release and Major Farms/Dens Update

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So what is happening to the crypto that is staked in the dens that are going inactive? Does it return to metamask automatically or does it need to be pulled out manually? What happens if someone does not visit the site during the grace period to pull out their coins?

Honestly, this seems very unfair for the people that PAID 4% to stake their coins in dens that offered exposure to quality projects. Personally, most of my stake (outside of cub) is in BNB and DOT. So basically, I sacrifice 4% of my crypto for only a couple weeks of yield, and now I'm forced to abandon those positions, which I paid to enter???? What if I don't want to take larger positions in bitcoin or eth? I mean, I don't want to hold ethereum period, thats why I'm on the binance smart chain in the first place. How can decreasing the number of options be good in any way? This is honestly very upsetting. I've already gotten vaporized buying your hyper-inflating coin and now I can't even hold the coins on here that I PAID to do so to try to earn back some of my losses. BTW, I have over 10k vested on the site, so I'm not some monkey with 16 cub shit-posting here.

I do like the autofarming option, that seems good. Also, glad you're not going down the layered farming road.

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