Some CRAZY Rollin' by @Acidyo Tonight on!

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Wild betting going on a while ago when resident high roller degenerate @acidyo showed up with a fist full of STEEM and a reckless disregard for his bankroll balance. Betting using a tactic of "balls to the wall" he managed to get a large string of loses ending up losing nearly -2500 STEEM in the session before his luck reversed and he ended up recovering all of the -2500 STEEM lost this session resulting in a small STEEM profit. Certainly a damn wild swing of luck there!

( a profit chart showing the session of @acidyo in a sequence of bets where he was down nearly 2500 STEEM but won it back! )

A handful of investors managed to capitalize on this massive struggle to profits that @acidyo experienced and ended up "daytrading" his bets, essentially using high leverage as he was on his loss streak and decreasing their investment leverage to 1x or divesting when he started to win resulting in the other investors taking the hit on their investment. In my own case I'd started with a 220 STEEM investment which at his lowest profit point turned into 850 STEEM which then got smoked by @acidyo when he won leaving me with a whopping 30 STEEM invested. This was because I got greedy with leverage and had it stuck at 99x the whole time which was dumb.

Another fellow investor reported making enough profits on his investment to counteract the gambling loses that he had incurred prior to tonight. I'm always glad to hear that my investors are making some money and that gamblers aren't losing all of their STEEM. Even though the nature of this sort of game dictates that someone has to win, and someone has to lose, to be frank about it not really a huge fan of watching people bet their way into ruin. Profit is nice and all but as someone who understands how emotionally (and financially) invested some gamblers become at games like this it is a bit heart-wrenching to watch people lose large sums of STEEM.

( a quick scroll through the trollbox showing @acidyo's high roller bets popping up )

Tonight's gambling session by @acidyo was certainly an interesting spectacle to watch with the swing of luck making for an exciting, butt puckering experience ending up with some people losing, some people winning and ultimately some mixing / changing hands of some STEEM between people. it is quite exciting for both the investors and the gamblers to see action like this on the site. Folks on STEEM are welcome to come try out the site which can be rolled on for free via claiming the faucet on site or by depositing some STEEM to the @steem-rollerd account with their username AFTER they have registered an account on the site.

( a screencap off the high roller list on trollbox showing some of his rolls )

On a side note, please come vote on the poll linked below for what your favourite STEEM gambling site is:

Currently on the site player "apeiro" is punishing the investors and has started taking some serious profits, with his total won so far nearly 250 STEEM in the past hour or so. On development side of things I'm currently working on some more options for players in regards to how the GUI operates as well as looking at ways to optimize the somehat laggy at times real-time profit chart. Another thing on the list for the next update is revamping the currently broken mobile rendering and further polish things.


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