Hive.Loans v0.1.0 Now Online! Beta Testing Phase I Starts Now!

Super excited to bring the site online earlier today and make this (not at all) short video explaining the site a bit and announcing the…

Hive.Loans Update: TLD Renewed for Another Year! Paid $10 for it Initially.. Now the Buggers Charge $80+ For Renew? Also, SUPER Limited Capacity v0.1.0 Online Beta Starts Tommorrow!

HLSHARE Holders Getting Beta Passes Starting Tomorrow While the above screen showing the current "at the front gates level security" protec

Onboarding The Neighbor AKA "Forcing People into Crypto & HIVE" 101

Few days back was helping the neighbour with something and managed to incur him some unforeseen costs or repair fees that he wasn't…

Just Catching Up After Some Much Needed Sleep. Now In Other News... TradingView Green Lit Access to Their Chart Library!

Woke up just after lunch after some much needed sleep to find a surprise in my email! A little while earlier at the start of this

📊 A Limited 10,000 HLSHARE Pre-Launch Shares Available Today in Initial Asset Offering. ( 100% of This Round Has Been Bought! )

After debating it a bit internally as to how this sort of thing would be received by the community decided to pull the trigger and do a…

Applied for Access to the Mid-Tier TradingView.com Charting Library to Increase the Ease of User Experience on Upcoming Hive.Loans Beta, Hopefully They Grant Usage Rights Shortly!

( a screencap from the tradingview.com website where they offer their 3 tier charting libraries ) While it stands yet to be determined,

Monday... BLOODY MONDAY! Hive.Loans Update & News on v0.1.0 Beta Testing Inside, New HIVE FinTech Coming Soon™!

After splitting my pinky toe right wide open within a few minutes of waking up after doing a proper stub off the bed frame and restarting…

Server Dues Paid Up For Another Month... Plus a Dive Into My Witness Budget.. Other Than This Brief Post, Let's Get Coding!

Like most folks I've got monthly bills, bills that need be paid before anything including my own nutritional demands, as without the…

Almost got that 18H Work Day in Software Engineering.. Getting Pretty Bushed.

Got the footer price ticker to cycle between USD and BTC base pairs for

Swapped to TradingView.com Charts on Hive.Loans Futures Page Until a Later Release When the Original Custom Charting Implemented is Feasible in Comparison Tools / Analysis Wise.

This change wasn't taken lightly, but due to access to an API I was using to build my own charting on site currently being out of my…

Working on Finishing the HIVE / USD Contract for Difference Functions and it's Community Bankroll Investing on Hive.Loans

( a little screenshot sneak peak at to what the browser version of the CFD platform GUI looks like ) Being a first to market innovator o

DHF Proposal Funding Returned to HIVE Developer Community as HBD Stabilizer Scaled Back!

After what ended up amounting to an interesting experiment and a somewhat demoralizing shakeup within the HIVE developer community for a…

Clearing the Air After Openly Questioning Those in Power

I'm not on this network to kiss influential or wealthy peoples' asses, nor am I here to twist narratives or tales in the favour of my own…

Powered Up a LEO Today

Will this be enough to buy a Lambo soon boys?( also does post end up on HIVE or..? ) Posted Using [LeoFinance Beta](

A Shift In Hive's DHF?

Sometimes the biggest changes start with a single instant that can be pointed to as the starting point. Many of us believe that Hive is…